Lego 71360 Super Mario Review – Part 2

Here comes Part 2 of the review! As we mentioned in Part 1, the Lego Super Mario app is an important part of the set. It has the instructions manual and also a way to connect Lego Super Mario to the app via Bluetooth.

Another important thing to note is: Lego Super Mario can detect colors and different barcodes as it has sensors at his…ehem…bottom… 😂

Different colors mean different things for Mario. Red is lava, green is grass, and blue is water. His chest will display whatever it is that he is walking on.

The build of this set is pretty simple. It comes with Goomba, Bowser Jr., cloud platform, and the iconic ? block.

There is also the pipe as the starting point for the game, and the flag pole as the finish line!

Mario can ride the cloud platform and collect coins.

The cool part about Mario is that his face and his chest will display different things, depending on what he interacts with. For example, if he touches a red brick (lava), his chest will show fire.

He also has a speaker behind his head. As you start a course (by touching the pipe), he will play Lego Super Mario theme song from Nintendo!

Essentially, each time you start a game, a count down timer will start and you have 60 seconds to go from start (the pipe) to finish (the flag pole).

If you put Mario down, he will say “I’m a getting tired…” with his iconic voice and his eyes will close and his chest will show zZZ

Very important to note is that this set only shows you instructions for the game pieces.

There are other connector pieces that there are no instructions manual for. The intent is for you to use those pieces to build your own course!

We really enjoyed building and playing with this set. As you can see, there are a lot of details that really resemble the Super Mario Bros game from Nintendo. Take a look at Bowser Jr. and his platform:

All in all, we really like this new interactive play with Lego! Also, there are other expansion sets that you can buy and combine with this starter set. We really enjoy how Lego is bringing creativity to the next level!

Til next time! Because right now, it’s Lego Mario time!

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