Mega Construx Black Series Heroes Predator (GPH83) and Sam Fisher (GPH84) Review

Happy Thursday, toy nerds! Mega Construx just recently released a brand new Black Series Predator (GPH83) and Splinter Cell Blacklist Sam Fisher (GPH84). We are so excited to review it!

This version of Predator is supposed to be the camouflage version (when he goes transparent/invincible in the movies).

Let’s take a look!

The instruction manuals are unique for each character, unlike the Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 13 (link to the review here:

The Predator comes with the same accessories as the previous 2 versions before this (if you haven’t, check out the reviews for the 1st edition Predator here: and the 2nd edition Predator here:

The eyes on this version are black in color.

It is a very cool looking figure for sure.

Next, let’s look at Sam Fisher. He comes with 1 accessory: a gun with a silencer.

The knee pads are made with rubber and can also be removed.

We wish the goggles were removable, but they are not. Nevertheless, they look pretty cool still.

Hope you guys are able to find these figures where you are.

Happy hunting!

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