Lego 30443 Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Bridge Battle Review!

Happy Saturday, guys! Today we will be looking at a new Lego Spider-Man No Way Home polybag, which is Lego 30443 Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Bridge Battle. Its MSRP is $4.99.

This polybag is inspired by the battle scene in the movie, where Spider-Man was battling Mysterio at the bridge.

Here are the contents of the polybag:

If you notice, there is a small box inside this polybag. Usually, that kind of box is used to put the minifigure’s cape, to avoid it getting wrinkled. Let’s see what this box contains!

It contains the stickers! It is pretty nice that Lego wanted to make sure the stickers don’t get bent or squished or ruined, while inside the polybag!

Now let’s take a look at the whole build:

The Spider-Man minifigure that comes with this polybag is the black and red costume. There are no printings on the arms, but the legs do have dual colors. He also comes with 2 white webbings (that can be shot from his hands) and 1 Tower Bridge shield.

Next, let’s take a look at the drone:

The drone’s upper part is where most of the stickers go.

The drone comes with 2 sentry guns at the bottom and 2 missile launchers on the side. The missile launchers can actually shoot out the 1×1 circular Lego brick.

What do you think of this polybag? Do you think it is worth getting? Comment below!

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