Little Known Cool Facts about Mega Bloks Marvel Series 1 Blind Bags…

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Today we will be discussing one of the coolest blind bags (and perhaps, one of the first of many) out there: Mega Bloks 91248 Marvel Series 1 blind bags.

These blind bags came out in 2012 (about 1.5 years after Lego Minifigures Series 1 came out) and quite honestly, not many people knew about these Marvel blind bags. You could say, Mega didn’t do a great job in marketing this product and creating the hype that’s necessary for a successful product launch.

That being said, we are huge Marvel fans, so when we first saw them, we grabbed them and were very curious to see what they looked like.

Now, for Mega Bloks Marvel Series 1, there actually were 2 waves that made it to the USA (little known cool fact #1): Wave 1 with 8 figures and Wave 2 with 6 figures.

Wave 1 had Armored Spider-Man and Battle Damaged Iron Man, while Wave 2 does not (little known cool fact #2).

Furthermore, the Iron Man armor changed from red and yellow in Wave 1 (mimicking Invincible Iron Man armor in the comic books) to red and gold in Wave 2 (mimicking the armor from the movies). Yup, that’s the little known cool fact #3!

Let’s take a look!

First, let’s look at the packaging for Series 1 Wave 1 and Series 1 Wave 2.

As you can see, it went from having 8 figures, to only having 6 figures.

Next, let’s take a look at the different Iron Man figures.

Invincible Iron Man (from Series 1 Wave 1)

This Iron Man armor is red and yellow, with a triangle chest piece (more on this later). It also comes with 2 flame pieces as the beam weapons.

Battle Damaged Invincible Iron Man (from Series 1 Wave 1)

Similar to Invincible Iron Man, this figure is also red and yellow, and with additional battle scars. He also comes with 2 flame pieces as the beam weapons.

Iron Man (from Series 1 Wave 2)

Iron Man armor is now red and gold, with a little bit of silver (similar to the movie version). He also comes with 2 flame pieces as the beam weapons.

There are other Mega Bloks Marvel Iron Man figures that come only in sets. For example: Mega Bloks Marvel Iron Man with circular chest is shown below.

Or how about this one? Mega Bloks Marvel Battle Damaged Iron Man that is different from the one that comes from the blind bags (it also has a circular chest piece, instead of triangle)

Well, that’s it for now. We will do other reviews on other figures from this amazing Mega Bloks Marvel blind bag series on future posts.

Stay tuned!

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