Lego 30590 Farm Garden and Scarecrow Polybag Review

We found a fun polybag a while back that unfortunately is sold out everywhere now. This polybag is Lego 30590 Farm Garden and Scarecrow and it retailed for $4.99.

It comes with 1 minifigure, 1 watering jug, 1 crate box, 1 bunny, and 1 scarecrow in the middle of some farm garden patches.

The minifigure is pretty standard. The arms and legs don’t have any prints so we don’t really consider this minifigure that special to get.

The scarecrow build and the farm garden patch are pretty interesting, however.

The bunny and the carrots are so cute!

We decided to get this polybag because of the playability aspect of this cute little set. This can be combined with other Lego farm sets, such as Lego 60347 Grocery Store.

It is no wonder that this polybag is sold out everywhere by now!

We hope you are able to get it where you are.

Thanks for reading!

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