Mega Construx Halo Ghost of Requiem Review

Happy Saturday, toyNerds! Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend with your friends/loved ones. We will be doing a review of Mega Construx Halo Ghost of Requiem set!

The kids and I recently dug through our collection of Lego and Mega Construx sets to build, and we decided to build this Halo set. One of the reasons was because this set is pretty simple, medium in size, and it comes with 4 figures (for awesome playability!).

Let’s dive in!

What attracted us to this set was definitely the UNSC Marine figures with detachable helmets. Mega started doing detachable head accessories in 2022, and we really like it!

Out of the box, as usual, there is an instruction manual, and several bags that are numbered (awesome! Nice work, Mega!).

The instruction manual also goes through the build, according to the bag number. This is very helpful especially when you are building with your kids who may not be expert builders yet.

Another cool thing was that each figure came in their own plastic bag, for protection.

Let’s take a look at this set more closely.

The Banished Ghost Vehicle

Inspired by the Halo 4 Requiem mission, the Ghost of Requiem differentiates itself from the other Type-32 models by its unique anti-gravity propulsion effect pieces that double as a stand for the aircraft, making it perfect for play and display. 

The cockpit looks amazing! Check out the anti-gravity propulsion pieces that act as display stands too. Pretty cool!

The Figures

The figures that come with this set: 2 UNSC Marines, Gek L’Har and a Grunt Storm.

UNSC Marines

Gek L’Har

The Grunt Storm

Here’s all of them in 1 picture:

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