Zuru 5 Surprise Mega Gross Minis Review

Happy Friday, toyNerds! Today we will be doing Zuru 5 Surprise Mega Gross Minis review for you, as this is the latest Zuru 5 Surprise series that just came out very recently.

Let’s dive in!

As usual, the packaging is very similar to Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 5 (no orange peel type container, less plastic in general).

Each ball comes with 3 minis, 1 slime package, and 1 sticker.

What’s really cool about this though, is that the minis came in a trash bag!

Here is what we got:

Gotta be honest, we are not a huge fan of what we got, especially the foot there… Pretty gross!

Well, looks like they did a great job with this series of grossing people out with the minis!

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