One Piece Custom Minifigures Review

If you are a total nerd like me (thus the name, thetoynerd…), then you probably know about (or a total fan of) one of the most popular anime out there, One Piece!

I visited Japan in 2017 and went to the nerd heaven called Akihabara (the Japanese calls it Akiba for short). At Akiba, you can find every nerdy thing that you don’t even know existed!

Anyway, One Piece was definitely huge in Japan and I was glad to see that. And guess what? I found some custom minifigures for One Piece that I absolutely love!

These custom blocks are pretty awesome in that the print quality is amazing and the print locations are also outstanding (arm prints, leg prints).

Check out the tattoo on Nami’s left hand! So detailed!

Check out the bikini line behind the hair piece! Unbelievable!

The hat piece for Tony Tony Chopper is pretty cool!

Zoro only came with 2 swords, instead of 3…

The quality of these custom minifigures is great. The parts are not loose (like some cheap custom minifigures out there), the print job is amazing, and the details are superb.

Happy Friday!

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