Mega Construx Hot Wheels GYG22 Rodger Dodger and Hot Wheels Racing Review

Happy Wednesday, toyNerds! Hope everyone is doing well.

Today we will be looking at the new 2022 product line for Mega Construx: Hot Wheels!

The set we will be looking at is the Mega Construx GYG22 Rodger Dodger and Hot Wheels Racing set:

What’s unique about this set are:

  1. It comes with 2 vehicles and 2 minifigures
  2. The box can be converted into a race track

Let’s take a look!

Similar to Lego, Mega Construx also started numbering their bags and have done a great job with their instructions manuals too.

The build was pretty simple, for both the car and the monster truck. What’s also cool about the monster truck is, you can remove the big monster truck wheels and replace them with normal wheels.

Let’s review each vehicle.

Rodger Dodger Racer

This sports car is pretty unique and we definitely love the color combination on it: yellow, red, black. Also, there are no stickers for any of these in this set. All the pieces are printed, which is pretty cool! (We are not a fan of stickers…)

The minifigure looks different than the typical Mega Construx minifigures from other product lines such as Halo, Call of Duty, etc. This one is smaller and doesn’t have that many points of articulations.

This minifigure has 8 points of articulations: head (1), shoulders (2), wrists (2), hip (1), thighs (2). The helmet’s glass also cannot open (somewhat disappointing).

Check out the rear view mirrors:

Hot Wheels Racing Monster Truck

The monster truck comes with the super big wheels that are connected via ball joints.

The mechanism allows the wheels to move freely within the sockets, thus allowing the truck to lean left or right.

Just like the racer car, all the painted pieces for this truck is also printed. There are no stickers (awesome!).

The minifigure:

Overall, we enjoyed building these 2 vehicles and their playability are great as well.

Till next time!

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